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Thou Shalt Not Snitch


Forgive me for thinking there was an unwritten rule in the sugarbowl that SB’s do not snitch on each other. Well, I was wrong, my blog was discovered by you-know-who and I had to delete it. He is not mad at me, he just wants me to be more discrete. I am not going to talk about the girl who snitched, since I am really not into pointless drama.

The unfortunate part is that I really loved sharing my story, and I am lucky to have met some great girls on here who are filled with ambition and kindness, some in person, and some that I did not yet have the pleasure. I am still checking this blog regularly to answer questions, etc.

For the record - my experiment with sugaring was AMAZING and yes, I did pay off all my undergraduate debt in 5 months. In addition to my promotion and raises at work in this time, I built up and nice savings account and an amazing wardrobe. I recommend that every girl out there sets the bar very high when meeting men and ensure that you are being treated the better than the best. 

Good luck to all <3

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Promising POT

Nice face, has his own company, Offers a high allowance… but can’t write for shit. Am I too picky for giving up on a POT because of his lack of grammar? Nope. 

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